Cell Phone Calling Card – Recharging Talking Power

So I don’t know if I was the only person who didn’t know this, but it is more expensive to call a cell phone internationally than it is to call a landline. This applies even if you are calling from a landline and not from a cell phone. I found this out from a friend of mine, and suddenly felt very bad about the fact hat I only had a cell phone number in Venezuela for my friends and family to call. Now of course it is more expensive to call internationally from a cell phone but I expected that, however I did not realize it was more expensive to call to a cell phone.

Well the not having a landline thing I can’t do much about, but the price of calling me I can assist with. There are apparently now calling cards that are made specifically for cell phones. My mom sometimes needs to call me during the day when she is not home. This of course results in a long string of text messages as it is exorbitantly expensive to call internationally from your cell phone. However I have found cell phone calling cards. These are of course more expensive than landline calling cards but still cheaper than calling from a cell phone.

I of course found this information on the internet, like I find all the information I want. This service is just like a calling card in the fact that it is prepaid. However it adds on to your normal cell phone service in that you do not have to actually have the card on hand each time you want to make a call, You simply have to call the access number and it recognizes your cell phone calling card. From there you can call anywhere in the world at up to a 75% savings form your normal fee. Oh the wonders of the things you can find on the internet.

Cellular Phone Rental – A New Way To Use A Cell Phone

In today’s day and age, most of us are never without our cell phones. Tucked in our pockets, slipped into our purses, and never out of reach, the cell phone has delivered us to a higher, more efficient level of communication. But as we all know, cell phones and cell phone service come at a price. And for some, that price makes cell phone ownership cost-prohibitive. Luckily, the ability for cellular phone rental gives everyone the ability to use a cell phone regardless of their budget.

Cellular phone rental can be compared to the leasing of a vehicle. For those who enjoy the look, feel, and dependability of having the newest car on the market every few years, they will often turn to vehicle leases to achieve this goal. A lease allows them to, in effect, “rent” the car – enjoying all the bells and whistles of a new car with a lower price than if they would have purchased it outright or financed it. Cellular phone rental acts similarly, allowing users to enjoy all the benefits of a new cell phone without having to purchase one every time a new one premiers. In the case of a cellular phone rental, a consumer can always take advantage of the newest phones on the market but without the commitment and price that comes with a traditional contract.

With a cellular phone rental the consumer will pay a monthly rental fee and any charges incurred during the usage time. Customers can then turn in their phone when a new model draws their attention. Cellular phone rental is just as easy as purchasing a cell phone through a cell phone service provider but there is no extended contract required. It is only necessary to stipulate the details of the rental and then turn in your phone for a newer model should you desire to do so.

The cell phone will invariably continue to evolve through the future but will surely remain unchanged is our dependence on its service. But such service does not have to come at an overwhelming and exorbitant price. A cellular phone rental can be a terrific alternative to the high costs associated with cellular phone ownership.

High IQ Facts

In this article we want to let you all know some facts, we are called High IQ Mailer because we have used an intelligent, logical process to devise how we do things, and because of our goal being to help you to become better marketers we want YOU to understand OUR thought process, because it just makes sense!

About Us:

High IQ Mailer is owned and run by Grant Thomson, a 35 year old Scotsman who has endured many of the internet booms of the last 16 years, from Paid To Surf, Paid To Read Emails, Paid To Click, and even the very first Credit based Viral Mailers, he has seen many successes and A LOT of failures.
Grant’s real world experience has been a career spanning over 15 years working in Retail Management, with his expertise being in Leading by example, supporting his teams, getting results, and most importantly looking after customers.
When Grant recently re-entered the world of internet marketing after a drought of many years due to work taking up so much of his time, he noticed a major change had occurred. Scam sites were overwhelming scenes which were once driven by honest & genuine owners, and results from marketing campaigns had taken a ridiculous nose dive.
Grant has spent time analysing the reasons behind these failures which has led him to devise his own Intelligent Marketing Solution, and from that High IQ Mailer is born, read on to learn about his findings.

Lifetime Memberships – Sound Great, but what do they really mean?

We have all seen them on countless sites, but what does a Lifetime membership really mean?
Now, firstly, we need to distinguish between two different forms of Lifetime membership, some highly respectable sites do on ocassion offer limited numbers of Lifetime memberships to their members, as long as the numbers are small this is generally not something that is going to cause a long term problem.
However, when a site is only offering Lifetime memberships, especially when those memberships are extremely low cost you need to stop and think. How much time and effort do you personally put in to promoting every new site that you join? For most marketers the answer is countless hours, as soon as you upgrade on any site you go all out to earn a return on your investment and more often than not that involves promoting to bring in referrals with the hope of earning commissions if they make a purchase.
But ultimately, the site growth slows down, nobody purchases upgrades because they have already taken out a Lifetime membership, the site owner has achieved their goal of making a ton of cash so decides their personal gain is more important than continuing to provide a service to their members, and the site gets shut down, vanishing without a trace.
The High IQ Fact is that sites based on Lifetime memberships will generally never last more than 18 months, do you really want to waste your time and money on that?

High IQ Mailer will only ever offer Monthly & Yearly Upgrade options because we want to be at the heart of our members marketing campaigns for many years to come, we are in this for the long haul and are totally committed to our members, personal gain is not an option, we want to be successful and share that success with you.

Paid For Clicking – Does it actually improve results?

Those of you amongst our members that use Viral Mailers will know that there is a growing trend for sites to be offering Cash incentives for it’s members to click on emails, claiming that it makes their membership more “active” and that it “improves” results.
The High IQ Fact is that all those claims are nothing more than buzz words to disguise what is really going on.
The world of Viral Mailers is obsessed with Click Through Ratio or CTR, offering cash incentives for members to click on mails is an attempt to artificially inflate this figure to give the impression of better results, reality is, it means absolutely NOTHING and has NO relevance to any aspect of an effective marketing campaign.
The only thing that incentivised clicking will do for any site is accelerate it’s growth and leave the real marketers discontented with poor results in spite of having a high CTR.
On top of everything, real marketers deal with dollars not pennies!
Another High IQ Fact, incentivised clicking completely defeats the whole point of a Viral Mailer.
A Viral Mailer site will provide you with one of the most highly targeted forms of Marketing imaginable, think about it, YOU create a subject line for an email, YOU create the content for that email, THE MEMBER then decides if THEY are interested enough to check out what you are offering them.
Wouldn’t you rather have 100 visitors that are genuinely interested in your product, than have 1000 that are just clicking for cash?

High IQ Mailer may on occassion run promotions and competitions to give our members the opportunity to earn a bit more, though we want to provide a highly targeted, effective & sustainable platform to drive genuine results for our members.

A spade is a spade, if you made a spade from Gold it might cost a bit more, but it would still be a spade, it wouldn’t do it’s job any better, the High IQ Fact is, it would probably break because Gold isn’t as strong as steel!

In Conclusion

The goal of High IQ Mailer is to take Viral Mailers back to what they should be, A Proper, Effective, Highly Targeted Marketing Tool, based around the principle of COMMON SENSE. We want to be a site used by Real Marketers who are looking for Real Results.
We have total confidence that we will be here for many years to come and establish ourselves over time as a global leader.

We hope that you have found this article both interesting and informative, our goal is to help our members to see past the buzz words and see things for what they really are!

Grant Thomson
Site Owner/Admin