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Wireless Systems – The Future Is Here Already?

Wireless systems have increasingly become the inseparable ingredients of our lives in the last century because of their instant installation capabilities in addition to obviously cutting mammoth amounts of capital and time that was otherwise being wasted in erection and installation & commissioning. But how big and expanded is the wireless systems industry? And how much they touch our lives? And if I am not stretching things too far, are we being controlled by wireless systems? Well, let’s take a critical look at these issues which concerns us all.

Wireless Systems and Communication
Ever since Graham Bell and Marconi invented telephone and radio respectively, life has never been the same. Although they didn’t revolutionalized things instantaneously they sure caused a ruffle thus signaling what was on the way. Today, without wireless systems communications would grind to a halt. Satellites become dud flying objects of little use if we don’t ‘connect’ through wireless for billions of gigabytes of data transfer every hour.

Consumer Wireless Equipments
At the bottom, we have wireless toys which are the rage with children. But the most common wireless system everyone is familiar is cell phone without which most of us can conduct our lives the way we need to. Cell phones have rapidly expanded to exit the wired phones in a matter of a few years. Even the basic phones are going wireless with the advent of CDMA technology. The 3G cell phones can transmit up to 2MBPS of data.

Mobile phones reached their zenith of glory when Motorola introduced satellite phones (Irridium) which didn’t even require wireless network but worked with satellites directly.

Connectivity is just notional; look at what broadband has done to wireless systems. Internet no more needs ‘wired connectivity’ as there is wireless broadband service. IPOD has made world collapse into our pockets. What we imagined till the other year, that wireless systems made useful wireless microphones, was turned upside down by one small pocket gadget called IPOD.

Wireless Gadgets

If we are able to watch news cruising at 50,000′ at great speeds, you could imagine what ‘the void’ (wireless) can do. Let’s take a look at some cute gadgets from the current rage.

1. Push to talk phones: Talk, browse internet, watch TV and connect to all your friends by one button push.

2. Pocket PC and wireless LAN for laptops: Pocket PCs double up as cell phones. Laptops connect to LAN with a wireless LAN card.

3. Toys, game controls etc.

4. Home theater, music systems, network booster and headphones etc.

Long ago, when gods communicated, they were not verbal! They communicated silently. Just where are we heading?

Dangerous Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones are handy little devices that people everywhere have come to rely on. They are easy to use, small, making it easy to stash them anywhere, as well as convenient. What most people don’t realize, though, is the potential danger associated with using a cell phone. This can happen in many ways. The first way that a cell phone can be dangerous is at a gas station. Although most people have never paid much attention, most gas stations post warning signs near the pumps, warning customers of cell phone usage while pumping gas. The gas station owners are afraid of an electrical spark from the mobile phone somehow causing an explosion. Even though the ability of cell phones causing gas station fires is unsubstantiated, some areas are strict about enforcing the rule of not using a cell phone while pumping gas. Some states will even issue a fine to anyone caught using a wireless phone at a gas pump. One very serious danger of using a cell phone is while driving. There are several ways that driving while having a cell phone conversation can be dangerous. First, a person may not properly pay attention to the road as they are dialing a phone number. This could result in a car accident. Also, a person could be so engrossed in a conversation that the same result could occur. It’s doesn’t matter if the conversation is negative or positive, it could still cause an accident. A person could be arguing with someone, causing them to be upset and suffer from impaired judgment. They may miscalculate the time that they have to make a certain turn, or make a similar mistake that they wouldn’t have made had they not been involved in a cell phone conversation. Even if the driver is having a pleasant conversation, it is still possible for them to become so engrossed in the good news or whatever it may be, that they may a serious mistake that causes a car accident. Car accidents are usually very serious, too. People can get seriously injured or even killed. And if the police find out that the person causing the accident was using a cell phone as they drove, that person could be charged with vehicular manslaughter. Who wants to risk going to jail, just to use a cell phone while they drive? No one does. This is why people need to practice more responsible habits while using mobile phones. Sure, wireless phones are convenient and important, but using them in the wrong situation can have some tragic consequences. Legal Insider Bot

Detailed Cell Phone Accessories Information

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Cell phones require accessories for three main purposes – to enable complete utilization of the cell phone, for safety of the cell phone and its user and to enhance its appearance.
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Purchasing cell phones accessories is not an easy task, not certainly today. This is because there are a large number of accessories manufactured by different cell phones companies available in the market today. Some of these accessories are equally good in quality and go neck to neck in terms of features provided. Hence, it is absolutely impossible in certain cases to determine the right one.
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This is the most important accessory for a cell phone. Your cell phone must be kept turned on continuously to make or receive calls. If the battery runs out, the call gets disconnected and the phone gets shut down automatically. So if you are going on a long trip, it is advisable to keep a spare battery with you.
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Cell boost
This acts as a spare power source for your cell phone if your battery runs out suddenly. It is in shape of a small container which can be carried easily in your bag. It charges up your cell phone in quick time, adding to it battery power output of 60 min talktime. It can be used in combination with different brands of cell phones like Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Siemens phones.
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However, you should note that cell boost cannot be recharged like your normal cell battery. It can be used only once and disposed off immediately. Hence, you should use the cell boost only for situations of emergency power needs.
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USB data cable kit
The USB data cable helps to synchronize your desktop PC with your cell phone. By doing this, you can easily transfer data between your mobile phone and your PC. The USB cable usually comes with a software that helps you manipulate and manage all the applications of your mobile phone from your PC. This software can be run in a number of other languages besides English.
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Bluetooth devices
Bluetooth devices are similar to USB cables in providing connectivity with other devices like PC, except in the fact that these devices provide wireless connection and don’t require the use of connecting cables. By using these, you can establish connectivity with other bluetooth capable devices. These include bluetooth-capable cell phones, headsets, cameras, Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, printers, keyboards and handheld computers.Only €94,99 for UMI S1 Smartphone MTK6589 Cuatro Núcleos Pantalla HD de 5.0 pulgadas(Spain Warehouse) @ Geekvida

Iphone Sim cards positive or negative

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The iPhone is said to be the most advanced phone on the market and people have been very happy with them. Ironically, many people have been surprised to find that this piece of advanced technology relies on the old style of SIM card. This was discovered when people tried to update with newer versions and weren’t able to do so. For those that had a very good cell phone but wanted to upgrade to the iPhone it has been a sore spot.
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Apple is aware of this problem and they continue to work to resolve it. They biggest problem is due to the various ways in which SIM cards for cell phones are encrypted. There are some patches that Apple has been trying to iron out that will work with some types of cell phones but not with others. This means if you are going to transfer over to an iPhone you should write down all of the contacts and relevant information that is in your old phone. It will save you a great deal of frustration and difficult down the road.
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In most types of cell phones though you can easily remove the SIM card. This isn’t the case with the iPhone. In fact if you aren’t familiar with the process you may not even be able to find your SIM card immediately. This has given some people the false impression that it doesn’t actually have one. You will have to use a paper clip to reach it and remove it.
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What is even more ironic though is that people that have had trouble with their iPhone and sent it in took out their SIM card. They were then able to use it effectively in other models of AT&T phones. The biggest question is why isn’t there a two way compatibility? This is something that really puzzles people at Apple. Yet they are a leader in customer service and you can be sure they will find a way to make it all work together.
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You do want to be very aware that removing the SIM card from an iPhone can void your warranty. This is due to the information about the operating system can be ruined. There is plenty of data on the iPhone SIM card beyond just what you have used the phone for. Should you need to access data from the iPhone SIM card you will need to take it to an authorized dealer.

Cell Phone Calling Card – Recharging Talking Power

So I don’t know if I was the only person who didn’t know this, but it is more expensive to call a cell phone internationally than it is to call a landline. This applies even if you are calling from a landline and not from a cell phone. I found this out from a friend of mine, and suddenly felt very bad about the fact hat I only had a cell phone number in Venezuela for my friends and family to call. Now of course it is more expensive to call internationally from a cell phone but I expected that, however I did not realize it was more expensive to call to a cell phone.
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Well the not having a landline thing I can’t do much about, but the price of calling me I can assist with. There are apparently now calling cards that are made specifically for cell phones. My mom sometimes needs to call me during the day when she is not home. This of course results in a long string of text messages as it is exorbitantly expensive to call internationally from your cell phone. However I have found cell phone calling cards. These are of course more expensive than landline calling cards but still cheaper than calling from a cell phone.
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I of course found this information on the internet, like I find all the information I want. This service is just like a calling card in the fact that it is prepaid. However it adds on to your normal cell phone service in that you do not have to actually have the card on hand each time you want to make a call, You simply have to call the access number and it recognizes your cell phone calling card. From there you can call anywhere in the world at up to a 75% savings form your normal fee. Oh the wonders of the things you can find on the internet.

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